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Going Veggie – one day a week

There’s been a big push lately for “Meatless Mondays” – the idea being, if people eat vegetarian one day a week, we can curb obesity, fight diabetes and cancer, and prevent heart disease – as well as reducing our water usage, reliance on fossil fuel, and reduce our carbon footprint. Here in the Little Apartment, we don’t eat a lot of meat. It’s expensive, for one – we mostly get our protein from quinoa, lentils, and beans. Meat has traditionally been more of a once-a-week thing vs 6-times a week. However, now that the Boyfriend has moved in, there is definitely a lot more animal protein in the house. So we Big City Pioneers are trying to pay attention to what kinds of protein we eat.

The Environmental Working Group recently released a “Meat-Eaters Guide to Climate Change and Health,” outlining what people who aren’t willing (or able) to go completely meat-free can do to help prevent climate change. And hey – there’s a lot. The fact presented by EWG are pretty interesting – they rank 20 common foods on their environmental impact. The best? Lentils – no real surprise there. Lentils are loaded with protein and fiber, and require little in the way of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Buy organic, and you even eliminate that. The worst foods, like lamb and beef, can be made much “better” (as far as the environment goes) by buying grass-fed, locally raised meat. This Big City Pioneer was pretty horrified to discover that cheese ranks worse than pork in the carbon footprint ranking. How to solve that problem? Again, locally raised, organically made cheese cuts the environmental impact by a whole lot.

Here’s some more interesting data presented by the Environmental Working Group:

If everyone in the US went meat- AND cheese-less one day a week, – so, Meatless Mondays and Cheese-less Wednesdays? – it would be “like taking 7.6 million cars off the road.”

“Uneaten meat products account for more than 20% of meat’s greenhouse gas emissions” – so don’t buy more than you will eat!

Check out EWG’s Guide Here. Are you surprised by any of their findings?

Read more about Meatless Mondays Here. Can you commit to not eating meat AND cheese one (or more) days a week?


Big Changes in the Little Apartment

It’s been a busy… let’s see… two weeks(!) since my last entry.

A few things that have happened over here in the Little Apartment in the Big City:

1. My lovely roommate left our little apartment for another, moving in with our lovely friend Kristina. I am sad that she isn’t here anymore, but she had to move to make room for….

2. The Boyfriend has moved in. This is both a huge deal (first time co-habitating for both of us) and an exciting deal (first time co-habitating for both of us!). Furniture has been moved and acquired, we set up a “Library/Den” in the second bedroom, and so far, so good. We are both so busy we probably wouldn’t see each other much if we didn’t live together – as it is we barely see each other. He works and is in rehearsal for a show, and I work and go to school.

3. The zucchini, tomato, and pea plants all have teeny tiny vegetables growing! I am fighting an epic battle with slugs and snails, but am winning enough that things are growing, growing, growing. I can’t wait for things to ripen so I can start eating them!

4. We had a 4th of July party to celebrate, well, the 4th of July, but also the fact that The Boyfriend moved in. I made jell-o shooters. I think Ma Ingalls would approve. What’s more Midwestern than Jell-O? We also grilled on my fabulous new-to-me grill that I got for FREE.*

5. Last night, I got to meet my food hero, Shauna James Ahern, aka The Gluten-Free Girl, and her husband Danny, aka “The Chef.” They taught a cooking class at a Whole Foods here in Seattle, and I was one of the few lucky people who got to attend. I discovered Shauna’s first book a few weeks after discovering that I could not, in fact, eat wheat. These few weeks were spent largely feeling sorry for myself, so the book was the light in the proverbial tunnel. I discovered that my love affair with cooking and eating was not over, and it had in fact just begun.

There were only a few people signed up for the class – apparently it was put together at the last minute – so it was a quiet, intimate dinner. It felt like we were having a dinner party with new friends (something this Big City Pioneer loves to do). It was thrilling, a little overwhelming, and altogether wonderful. I sat next to my food hero while we ate and talked about food. It’s a lot like an aspiring blues guitarist talking to Buddy Guy about guitars, I would imagine.

Shauna and some other food bloggers are starting to have internet-wide cooking parties once a month. They just did a pie party, and next month will be a pickle party. I think it will be a great way to kick off the pickling season here in the Little Apartment. Stay tuned for pickles! In the past I’ve made both bread and butter and dill pickles. This year I’m going to try spicy green beans, spicy cucumber pickles, and maybe some other pickled vegetables.


I am at work right now (yes, blogging at work…. wouldn’t it be cool if blogging WAS my job?) So I can’t share the wonderful photos I have with you just yet, but I will update tonight so you can see my tiny vegetables, my awesome grill, and some pictures from the gluten-free cooking class.


*And yes, my grill – it was free. FREE. Ma Ingalls always knew that you don’t throw things away if they still work. There are websites for that. Craigslist’s Free section is fun to check out, but FreeCycle is high on the list of my favorite websites. People post things they have to offer, and things they are looking for. I simply posted that I was looking for a grill, and quickly got a response. All I had to do was pick it up, clean it up, and get it started. Freecycling is a great way to clean out your garage, or fill a new house. Go to to find a freecycle group in your area.

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